Thank you Dansway Construction for a job well done!  I recently had my unfinished attic remodeled into a beautiful usable space and without the professional expertise of Dansway Construction, it would still be a drafty attic.  All of the crews and staff were professional, knowledgeable, and very skilled at their craft.  The project progressed in a timely fashion with few delays.  I was always informed of the schedules and timeline.  Dan oversaw each and every step of the way with frequent contact and on-the-job inspections of the progressing work. He was always accessible and available to answer questions as needed.  Finding a contractor who has integrity, is honest, and truly puts quality work and customer satisfaction first can be hard to find, but Dansway Construction has all these qualities and more.  I can wholeheartedly recommend Dansway Construction to anyone!  Finding a good contractor is like finding a mechanic or hairdresser you can trust.  What a refreshing change and rarity these days!  Thank you again, Dan! We love our new space!


Dorothy Ferber
Garden City, Michigan

As a single homeowner, as well as someone who was entering the “construction zone” for the first time, I had some significant concerns: 1. Would the company I choose truly be trustworthy? In order to renovate, I had to be comfortable turning access of my home and its contents over to virtual strangers. Good grief! This was huge to me and being able to feel comfortable with my contractor and trust them was absolutely essential. 2. Were they fair and honest and would I be receiving a good value for my money? 3. Would the contractor do what they said would do, when they said they would do it? Or would I be entering into endless weeks of broken promises and frustration? Would I find myself telling my construction nightmare stories to friends and family? 4. Would my home still be reasonably livable or would it become chaos during the time it took to complete the project? These questions and more were on my mind as I met with various contractors and received bids. Then I met with a representative of Dansway Construction and, based upon his professionalism, experience, and creative ideas, I knew that I had found the company I could trust with my renovation. I signed a contract, on the spot, during our first meeting. The people I dealt with from Dansway, including Dan Scully, the owner, were extremely professional and absolutely understood my concerns. They told me that their professional ethic was to treat a customer’s home with as much care and respect as they would their own home. When I came home from work each day during the project, it was to a work site that was very neatly cleaned up at the end of the day, making living in a construction project easier than I would have imagined. The work progressed on schedule. Dan Scully was very responsive to phone calls and talked through issues or questions, no matter how minor. He provided me with regular updates. He even included a few “extras” on the project at no additional cost that were pleasant surprises. My first construction experience was a great success and I would work with Dansway again without hesitation. My former living room is now a beautiful dining room, and two bedrooms have been converted into a Great Room, complete with a beautiful fireplace! Choosing Dansway to work on your home is a decision you won’t regret. In fact, you’ll find yourself recommending them to friends and family. I would be more than happy to talk with you further about my experience.

Best regards,

Cheryl Presley
Dear Dansway,

When I first decided to build onto my home I had no idea what to expect. I only knew what I heard from friends and clients, and it was not good news. Late project starts, days lapsing into weeks and months, contractors skipping town, poor work ethic and more. I thought that this could be a pleasant alternative to moving to a new home and I expected a good experience. I found a resource on the internet and contacted them with the rough plans for my great room and 2 car garage. Within moments my phone was ringing like crazy. You were one of the 5 companies that I met with to discuss our build. I was immediately impressed with the understanding, experience and enthusiasm you brought. I met with 4 other builders and you were the standout. After much deliberation I signed the contract and never looked back We broke ground here at the end of June and roughly 2 months later we have a gleaming addition and 2 car garage. I am so impressed with your attention to detail and thoughtfulness. The quality of the work is outstanding and all the people working on the project seem to share your high standards. I am thrilled to be living in my new space and have recommended your company to anyone that cares to listen. It is a sad thing to think that most people don’t have a good experience with a re-model. It is a stressful time with your home inside out, but I count myself lucky to have made the right choice with Dansway.


Boswell Hardwick
President - Boswell Creative Inc.